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  • 12 February, 2019
  • First of all it's not Antikristo, it is To Antikristo, object on picture does not correspond aesthetically with existing restaurant, picture here is very old. Second, this restaurant cannot be found on E-Table as it does not cooperate with it. Third is that food choice described does not reflect existing menu. I informed the owners so they could take the ownership eventually and correct the information. Last and the most important is that To Antikristo represents the only restaurant in Greece which truly supports the local and Greek economy by all ingredients and items served. Atmosphere is very pleasant, there is a playground for kids, people there are very polite and of course food is stunning. At our last visit we've been presented sun dried organic cherry tomatoes in organic olive oil, not necessary to say that this is unique homemade product for entire country and there are several things totally unique to this place which makes this restaurant very special. We are sworn to this place while in Chania. Recommended.
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