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How it Works


The visitors of www.yallou.com have access to all the listed information that exists on the yallou webpage.

By creating your personal profile, you automatically get access to uploading comments, tips, experiences, events and photographs to the Yallou platform, according to the terms of use.

To create your personal profile, you need to register at www.yallou.com

The visitor that is interested to create a personal profile, should register their name, surname, a valid email address and their preferred password. A confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address. When the confirmation link is clicked the user’s account will be automatically activated.

Registered users can upload photos up to 2mb each. Yallou suggests users to upload photos of good quality and aesthetics that correspond to each destination or point of interest and are according to the terms of use. Yallou reserves the right to decline any photos that are not in line with these guidelines.

Registered users can edit their profiles. There is a choice to upload one profile picture and the ability to change that picture at any time. The user can delete his/her comments, photos, tips and experiences through the edit mode in his personal profile page.

Finally the registered users have access to the contents of the profiles of other registered users and can read further details and interests about them.


Step 1. Create an Account and start collecting Yalloins.




Step 2. Edit your Profile

Step 3. Upload, Edit and Delete Photos in a Listing (Sight, Beach, and Business) or Destination


Photo requirements:

High quality photos with a minimum dimension of 1600x800 pixels. Photos must be under 2mb (preferably below 500kb).  Only landscapes, sights, beaches, products and business places. No photos of friends, family and people are allowed.

Step 4. Review and rate a Listing (Sight, Beach, and Business) or Destination


Step 5. Map with the places I have been (Uploaded or Reviewed something)


Step 6. List Something Interesting that we don’t have (Sight, Secret Beach, Hotel, Bar, Taverna, Local Producer etc.)

Step 7. Be part of our Live community









Step 8. Are you the business owner? Claim your Business





Step 9. Edit your Business 24/7

Upload a logo image and photos of your Business