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About Us


Yallou is a fresh and unique online interactive platform that was created to give solutions to the visitors who search or travel to Hellenic destinations, by providing integrated, curated and quality content and contributing towards the development of sustainable destinations.

Yallou provides access to a large database containing all 13,500 Hellenic destinations including around 2,650 beaches across the Hellenic coastline and counting.

Yallou is constantly updated with curated cultural and historical content as well as sightseeing, activities, accommodation, dining, entertainment, shopping, fashion, art, Greek designers and local producers options.

Yallou users are meant to share their experiences, tips, and photos from any Hellenic destination by rating any of the 13,500 destinations or any of the businesses, activities or any type of listing on Yallou.

They can also post their reviews, or even upload a new listing (a shop, a small church, a cliff) so that other Yallouers can discover new points of interest in any of the 13,500 Hellenic destinations. The locals can present their hometown in their own unique way.

At the same time, users can search for anything they can possibly be looking for in a Hellenic destination by using more than 600 tags and filters that allow a customized research in any Yallou listing!

Greece is not only about islands! Users can see all 13,500 destinations in 3 main sections; inland, by the sea and metropolis. Pick the section that suits your travelling needs and discover suitable destinations waiting for you to visit them!

Yallou database is constantly evolving and enriched with up to date and unique content uploaded by users; visitors, adventurers or locals. Unlimited unique and up to date information on 13,500 Hellenic destinations can be uploaded and shared through Yallou!

This dynamic platform covers the needs of the visitor before the trip and while at the destination.

Everyone can become a Yallouer and contribute towards the promotion of Hellenic destinations! 

Get access to a whole new path! Connect, explore, discover, share Greece!


Yallou provides a single point of reference for hosts and visitors by promoting Hellenic destinations and culture.


Yallou envisions to be the most trustworthy, dynamic community for Hellenic destinations, to enhance the user experience.